One Strong Hammer


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  1. One Strong Hammer -:-- / 03:27

Shoved on the highway
Tossed on the motorway
This is the real world
Welcome to the real world
And who put me down
This is not my kind of town
But in my mind I’m having such a good time
There is nothing you could do that
(You’ve got one strong hammer)
Would faintly amuse me
(Use it while you can)
It’s sad when you accuse me
(This is the hammer with which to)
To hold all that and give nothing back
(Break this man)
Take a change of scenery
(You’ve got one strong hammer)
Something to release me
(Use it while you can)
Bind me firmly and leave me cold
(This is the hammer with which to)
My body is weak but my mind is sold
(Break this man)
I could drive out to the west coast
This is what I need most
Sing a lot and drinking Coca-Cola
Out by Wisconsin
Over by the Pentagon
Hurry up and get dressed
Let’s get out of this mess
Don’t you know my car won’t go too slow
Girl, we can’t go too far
Until I find out who you are
Slow down and pull into the side lane