Hymn For Her


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  1. Hymn For Her -:-- / 02:54

Caught up in the magic
When your spirit takes me there
For what once held me startled
Leaves me cold, alone and bare
I’ve wasted countless hours
Unsettling the dust
And making false distinctions
Between the righteous and the just
For what seems all is nothing
A thought you cannot share
I sing a little hymn for her
If time is just a fighter
Who laughs at all his foes
He waits until we’re smug enough
Then winds us with his blows
Expressions you can’t fathom
The hand I cannot hold
For what was built in heaven
Is a statue I can’t mould
With sense of loss surrounding me
With thoughts I cannot bear
I sing a little hymn for her
When all of those around me
May offer up their prayers
I’ll sing a little hymn for her