Baby Jesus


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  1. Baby Jesus -:-- / 03:34

Built in a brick shed
Covered in a cloth, she said
‘Baby Jesus strap it to your heart
Make it like you mean it, make it like a work of art’
Timed to precision and made to tear a man apart
And his feet hit the pavement as she whispered ‘Baby Jesus’
All alone, freezing in an inner city park
Baby Jesus strapped it to his heart
Stunned by the red light
He crumpled in the hazy dark
And bowed his head as he stood bleeding
Colder than a weighed out shot
And his head struck the pavement
As she whispered, ‘Baby Jesus’
Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus
‘I need faith,’ he said
Shaking and reeling from the shock
‘I need hope’ he said
Feeling now the pain has gone
‘Just give me something to hold onto, something to rely upon’
But the wind took his last breath as she whispered ‘Baby Jesus’
When the world cuts you down
And pure pressure starts to mount
When you’re forced to kick out any way
When you’re shot out to heaven high
Or blown out to the sky
When that cold wind whistles
Just what will you say, will you say
Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus