Late Night Destruction


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  1. Late Night Destruction -:-- / 03:48

Sometimes in the early hours
I want nothing in my head
But weeds grow up among the flowers
Keep me from my bed
There’s no place for refuge
Nowhere to lay your head
In the afternoon going through the motions
Like the hands on the clock
Killing time pretending that I’m working
A prisoner in the dock
Don’t give me anything complicated
My heart couldn’t take the shock
To escape it, it’s a desperate run
To late night destruction
To erase it, I’m already gone
Late night destruction
Tonight I could go into the city
And look for something new
Or I could call an old friend out of the blue
And we could get lost together
What have I got to lose
Embrace it
Mix the right with the wrong
Late night destruction
They’re playing my favourite song